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Energy conservation is becoming more and more important, due to rising costs and scarce resources. Therefore energy-saving technology is becoming yet another focus of the Solar City.

An overview of all our projects:


Tuesday, 12. May 2009


Brand-new bus with innovative technology. Diesel engine combined with two electric motors

Friday, 23. October 2009

"Stromsparcheck" (Energy-Savings-Check) for low-income households

Save up to one-fifth of electricity costs

Thursday, 19. February 2009

Building Modernization Demonstration Center

Old villa becomes "Building Modernization Demonstration Center"

Friday, 30. October 2009

Energy Saving Emscher Lippe

Emscher-Lippe-Region Takes off

Wednesday, 14. May 2008

Solar project at the comprehensive school "Berger Feld"

Exemplary "Solar+Save-Project" profits from 25.000 KwH solar power per year


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Im April 2014 wurde der Förderverein Solarstadt Gelsenkirchen umbenannt in Klimabündnis Gelsenkirchen-Herten.