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Energy consulting: Important Contact Points

Unfortunately, the Forderverein Solarstadt Gelsenkirchen e.V. (development association Solarstadt Gelsenkirchen) is currently not able to offer personal energy consulting, due to limited staff.


However, you will find a large amount of info-material, brochures and magazines about renewable energies and energy saving free of charge at our Info-Point or in the permanent exhibitions „Visitor Centre RuhrEnergy“ and „SolarExpo“ in the Science Park Gelsenkirchen.

Solarcity Gelsenkirchen e.V.
Science Park Gelsenkirchen
Munscheidstraße 14
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 6 am - 7 pm, Saturday: 7 am - 4 pm.


In case you have already chosen to invest in energy saving and/or renewable energies, just click on the link below and get in contact with specialised architects, planners and installation firms.

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1. Energy saving at home


The information centre of the "Consumer Advice Center NRW in Gelsenkirchen" offers consultancy, information and decision support in the fields of thermal insulation, heating, power savings and renewable energy sources for a €5.00 fee. With an advance announcement you can rent ammeters free of charge.



2. Energy saving refurbishment of buildings 

     In line with the project Alt-Bau-Neu, the city of Gelsenkirchen offers assistance and information for building owners and occupants. The project is an initiative of rural districts and communes in NRW and is supported by the NRW ministry of economics.

The project on the internet:




The Energy Agency North Rhine-Westphalia offers the "Start-Beratung Energie". An architect or engineer inspects your home and advises you in detail about upgrade measures, expected energy cost savings and about possible financial support.   or:





3. Renewable energy


The Energy Agency NRW offers permanently updated information about support programs for renewable energy.




4. Further consulting offers

ELE- Emscher Lippe Energie GmbH offers financial support regarding eco-friendly technology that save CO2.



The Federal Environment Ministry ( offers a completely updated brochure about support programs for energy saving and renewable energy.
You can download the brochure here for free.



Additionally, the BINE Information Service also offers information including current changes:  


Klimabündnis Gelsenkirchen-Herten e.V.
Munscheidstraße 14
45886 Gelsenkirchen
Telefon 0209.167-1004
Telefax 0209.167-1001


Im April 2014 wurde der Förderverein Solarstadt Gelsenkirchen umbenannt in Klimabündnis Gelsenkirchen-Herten.