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On the following pages you will find an overview containing information and consulting offers concerning renewable energies and energy saving.

Who is able to independently and competently answer my questions concerning technology, funding, subsidies etc.? An abstract of local (and regional) consulting offers.

How do solar cells, solar collectors or heat pumps work? How much energy and emissions can I save by using them? Is an application in my house financially reasonable? 
Here you will find everything you need to know about technology and profitability of renewable energies and energy saving techniques. 


Klimabündnis Gelsenkirchen-Herten e.V.
Munscheidstraße 14
45886 Gelsenkirchen
Telefon 0209.167-1004
Telefax 0209.167-1001


Im April 2014 wurde der Förderverein Solarstadt Gelsenkirchen umbenannt in Klimabündnis Gelsenkirchen-Herten.