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Friday, 19. March 2010

ThyssenKrupp: Energy Efficient Boiler for Process Steam Generation

First reference unit of climate protection project "JIM.NRW" in Gelsenkirchen

Tuesday, 2. June 2009

Biomass Energy Park Hugo

Former mining area now used for green energy production

Tuesday, 12. May 2009


Brand-new bus with innovative technology. Diesel engine combined with two electric motors

Friday, 23. October 2009

"Stromsparcheck" (Energy-Savings-Check) for low-income households

Save up to one-fifth of electricity costs

Tuesday, 7. April 2009

THS builds largest Solar Residential Estate in Germany

Third Solar Residential area of North-Rhine Westphalia in Gelsenkirchen

Tuesday, 7. April 2009

Block Heating Station in Bulmke-Hüllen

Protestant Church Bulmke-Hüllen inaugurates Rape Oil-Block Heating Station

Friday, 23. October 2009

Saving the Environment and Saving Money

Presentation of Interim Results

Tuesday, 13. May 2008

Vegetable Oil - CHP in the Revierpark Nienhausen

Heat led combined heat and power unit producing 350 kW heat capacity on rape oil basis, 2007

Wednesday, 14. May 2008

Solar project at the comprehensive school "Berger Feld"

Exemplary "Solar+Save-Project" profits from 25.000 KwH solar power per year

Tuesday, 7. April 2009

Solar-Bunker "Schalker Verein"

Solar Power Plant on past Coal Bunker of Steelworks "Schalker Verein", 355 kWp, Commissioning in 2008

Tuesday, 26. May 2009

LOXX Logistics Center

Photovaltaic solar power plant, area of 10.000 m2, 1.764 solar modules, 361,62 kWp, commissioning in 2008

Wednesday, 14. May 2008

Science Park Gelsenkirchen

Worldwide first rooftop solar power plant in a densely populated city, 210 kWp, commissioned 1995

Wednesday, 14. May 2008

Peiniger Group

Glass facade with integrated solar power plant, 14 000kWh /a., 1996

Wednesday, 14. May 2008

Solar settlement "Lindenhof"

First old building solar settlement in NRW, solar thermal applications and condensing boiler technology, finished in 2002 / 2003

Wednesday, 14. May 2008

Solar settlement "Sonnenhof"

First solar residential area of the Ruhr, 72 single family homes with a broad energy concept, first time use 1999

Thursday, 15. May 2008


Solar power plant, 250 kWp, solar thermal energy, commission 2003

Thursday, 19. February 2009

Veltins Arena (Arena AufSchalke)

Solar panel, 87 KWp, commissioning in 2001

Friday, 23. October 2009

The Sustainable Office Building



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