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The development of Gelsenkirchen to a city of future energies depended on political support. The following list provides information on the cricial applications and decisions during the process. You will find links to the most important documents or to further information.


In March SPD, CDU, Bündnis 90/ DIE GRÜNEN and FDP files an application to the city council for a

Aktionsplan für kommunalen Klimaschutz“. This master plan is supposed to contain the following spheres of action amongst others. They are to be optimized and planned to be realized:

- Checking energy savings capacity of city council, city-owned and operated institutions and companies

- Checking of application improvement of photovoltaics, solar heat and renewable energies in Gelsenkirchen

- Increasing the awareness of climate protection of the population in Gelsenkirchen and increasing environmental education

- Improvement of city planning und urban development

- Improving retailing, logistics, economy and industry

- Particulate matter decree coordinated with all cities of RVR


Application for the "18-Punkte-Plan im Bereich der Förderung und des Ausbaus der Solarenergie" to the Environment Comitee.

Here you will find the document


Presentation of a „Sachstandsbericht Kommunaler Klimaschutz in Gelsenkirchen 2007“ which documents the actual condition of climate protection


Consortium Ecofys GmbH Köln and Science Park Gelsenkirchen GmbH publishes „Handlungskonzept Energie Gelsenkirchen“ in August. It contains an energy appraisal and sectoral applied guides

Here is the whole account


Launch of a first project for the development of solar energy: Creation of a solar-roof-register for part of Gelsenkirchen by the Board of Business Development and Properties and the Environmental Commitee.



Determination of a very substantial catalog including 76 EEA® projects for the participation in the European certification program in May

board document, project list



In June the Environment Board of Gelsenkirchen agrees to the master plan from March 2007 and assigns the City Council to realize the suggested plans


Gelsenkirchen decides to join the „Klima-Bündnis der europäischen Städte mit indigenen Völkern der Regenwälder / Alianza del Clima e. V.“ and to participate in the ICLEI-campaign „CCP Cities for Climate Protection“, the international network for municipal sustainability, founded in 1990




The city of Gelsenkirchen is successfully audited as European Energy Award-commune

board document, work plan, EEA-plan, diagram audit reslts, EEA-homepage


Armin Hardes is appointed as climate protection and solar representative of Gelsenkirchen 


Progress report 2008

further information here


The City Council considers the application for the foundation of "Bürgergesellschaft für Erneuerbare Energien". In this association citizens are to be engaged in the production and commercialization of renewable energies


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Im April 2014 wurde der Förderverein Solarstadt Gelsenkirchen umbenannt in Klimabündnis Gelsenkirchen-Herten.